Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lifestyle Studio "Gytha" Opens on 92nd & Lexington

My friend—designer and entrepreneur extraordinaire Niraj Parekh—has opened up a new "lifestyle studio" on the Upper East Side at 92nd Street and Lexington Avenue, just across the street from the 92nd Street Y.
"Step into my new store "Gytha" and you are spirited away to an exotic land, full of beautiful designs for your home and yourself!

A unique Lifestyle Studio that combines exotic, sumptuous and beautiful fabrics from all over the World and a collection of contemporary and antique jewelry, silk scarves and more..

Location - 1384 Lexington Avenue, New York, N.Y - 10128 (Between 91st and 92nd St) Across from 92Y Ph # - 212 289 4114"
Niraj Parekh on the left with your humble blogger.

I swung by the store after seeing the video below. The staging of the shop is great, I love it's intimate scale and the way all the fabrics and textiles create such texture on the walls.

Here's a great video introduction to the new store.

I applaud Niraj for coming this far after arriving here in the States just four years ago. Please come by for a visit whenever you can, if only to see the beautiful handmade jewelry designed by the proprietor himself.

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